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Seaweed Extracts
Seaweed Extracts are high-quality fertilizers available in non-toxic and pure quality standards. They are ideal to boost the growth of the crops.
Plant Growth Regulator
Plant Growth Regulators are the natural as well as synthetic chemicals, used for making positive effect on the plant hormones. These highly effective organic compounds make modifications in the physiological attribute of plants.
Amino Acid
Amino Acid we offer is accessible with high purity and powerful effectiveness. It boosts the growth of muscles and lessens the fatigue made by workout. This is provided in different forms and grades so as to run into several applications.
Fulvic Acid
Fulvic Acid can absorb harmful UV radiations. This is a potent and powerful element that enhances the ability of plants to grow and be strong. It dissolves silica and increases transpiration.
Humic Acid Shiny Balls
Humic Acid Shiny Balls offered by are used for boosting the water holding capacity of soil. Also, these can boost the aeration as well as fertility of soil. Beneficial for the texture of soil, these are applicable for the industries of agriculture.
Gibberellic Acid
Gibberellic Acid also called Gibberellin A3 is a naturally occurring hormone found in plants and fungi. It can be developed using microorganisms at a large scale.
Natural Fertilizers
Natural Fertilizers we deal in are beneficial for amending the texture of soil. These are advantageous not only for soil but for plants as well.  These highly productive fertilizers can amend the water holding attributes of the plants.
Folic Acid
Folic Acid is water-soluble forms of B9 vitamin. It is used to add to the processed foods and supplements. In addition, it also helps the body making healthy and new cells.
Humic & Amino Uniform Balls
We are dealing in Humic & Amino Uniform Balls, which are demanded in the industry of agriculture for various purposes such as increasing root respiration, boosting the water holding capacity, stimulation of plant enzymes, etc.
Organic Fertilizers

Organic materials are needed to improve the soil texture. They can hold water longer. Also, these can boost the bacterial and fungal activity in the soil. They are superior to synthetic fertilizers and make the soil more productive.


The Fungicide are known as the pesticides of high quality. These help to suppress the growth of fungi on plants, seeds and roots. These are the systemic formula, which offer protection to plants as well as crops.


The Insecticides offered by us help the farmers to produce the crops, which are free of insects.Also, they can keep the food production affordable. These also stop the transmission of insect transmitted and waterborne diseases.

Bio Stimulants

The Bio Stimulants are needed to improve the efficiency of the plant's metabolism. Their utilization ensures soil fertility and contribute to the development of complementary soil micro-organisms.

Humic Acid Powder
Humic Acid Powder is used to increase the root growth, metabolism and seed germination of plants. It can deal with various environmental stresses, without any fuss. It is utilized for making the irrigation lines tidy and clean.
Soil Conditioner
Soil Conditioners offered by us are provided with perfect balance of organic material. These are apt for the purpose of gardening and deliver moisture as well as nutrients to the soil.

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