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Bio Stimulants

Bio stimulants we deal in are the products whichlessen the need for fertilizers. Also, they can increase the plant growth. Offered fertilizers are resistant to water as well as abiotic stresses. These are the efficient stimulants, which offer good performance and ensure high yields. Bio stimulants are needed toboost the nutrition efficiency. They are the fertilizers of abiotic stress tolerance. These are enriched with various plant quality traits as well as nutrient contents.Bio stimulants improve the plant's efficiency to make metabolism so that yield as well as crop quality can be increased. 

Kareena (Bio stimulant)

Kareena Bio Stimulants we deal in, are natural or synthetic substances that can be used for plants, seeds, and soil. The said plant growth essentials are made to reduce the need for fertilizers and boost plant growth. Also, these exhibit advanced resistance to water as well as abiotic stresses. Kareena Bio Stimulants must be used in small concentrations. These must be used for boosting the performance of plants, enabling high yields and high-quality products.

Katrina (Bio Stimulant)

Gabbar (Bio stimulant)

Gabbar (Bio Stimulant) is a highly concentrated foliar biostimulant widely used on crops for vegetative growth, flowering and fruiting. This is used for increasing the yield, quality and taste of the crops of varied types. In addition, it also enhances the immunity and chlorophyll content of the crops or plants. This can be used on exotic vegetables and fruits cultivated in gardens, organic farms, nurseries and Orchards.  

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Thunder Ball (Bio stimulant)

Effective and affordable Thunder Ball (Bio Stimulant) is available for enhancing the quality as well as quantity of the crops. This is rich in Amino Acid, Protein Hydrolesate, Nitrogen, etc. that ensure to enhance the value of the crops. It is ideally used on a range of crops for enhancing their nutrient levels, immunity and growth. In addition, it is also used for enhancing the shine, size and nutrient values of the fruits. This can be used on flowering and fruiting plants in garden, nurseries and organic fields. It is also used in green house crops, orchards, turf grass, hydrophonics, etc. This product is ideal for Drip, Drenching and Foliar Spray. 

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